A bit of Background

How ‘The Original Fly Free Ride’ came to be…

Hello my name is Jane, I’m a life long horse rider, and I love hacking out on my boy Trev.

The thought of long, leisurely, relaxed hacks with my best friends is the only thing that keeps me going through cold wet winters, dark early mornings and muddy gateways! We preen and pamper our equine buddies and head out onto the open road, without a care in the world, we wander through leafy woods and across lush green fields, then our slice of heaven is shattered. The time that should peaceful and enjoyable we instead spend the whole hack wafting our arms around like lunatics. The flies and creepy crawlies have arrived.

My time with Trev is precious and I wasn’t prepared to let this time with him be spoiled by these pests any longer, so I designed and patented ‘THE ORIGINAL FLY FREE RIDE’ Horse Riding Mask.




Bespoke & Handmade Horse Riding Masks

We are a small cottage industry, based in beautiful North Wales (fab hacking) hand making each item for you. Want something a little different? Ask us about bespoke versions …we’re always happy to help!

Original Fly Free Ride

Fully Adjustable

Suitable for all riding hats

You can use TOFFR on all types of riding hats. The fully adjustable strap lets you fit it to hats from size: small 53 – 55 cm, medium 56 -58 cm, large 59-61 cm (based on ‘CHARLES OWEN RIDING SCHOOL’ skull caps). Smaller sizes can be made at no extra cost.

The Original Fly Free Ride Masks have been successfully tested on:

  • Velvet hats
  • Skull caps
  • Skull caps with silks
  • Smooth plastic hats

Fitting and Comfort

The holding strap and face mask are both fully adjustable so you can tweak it so it fits comfortably on to your hat and around your face. Once the net is fitted it can stay attached to your hat then, when it’s not needed you can simply lift it up over the peak and it will stay in place, out of the way, ready for when its required again.

I know what you are thinking… can you see through it? Well YES, of course, you can! Visibility is excellent with The Original Fly Free Ride. I use it for hacking and schooling as my school is next to woods with lots of flies and other insects. It really helps me concentrate knowing I’m not going to swallow an extra bit of protein!

How to fit the Riding Mask properly

  • Place the centre of the face mask to the centre front of your riding hat.
  • Clip the holding band around the hat and secure it with the fastener
  • Make sure it is as tight as possible.
  • Now put your hat on and secure the chin strap.
  • Adjust the elastic around your face. Using the side toggle, adjust it to sit comfortably under your chin next to the chin strap on your hat. This works best when it’s gathered.
  • Once you’ve fitted this section, you don’t need to loosen it to put the mask over the peak of your hat for when its not needed.

Get in touch

If you have any questions about The Original Fly Free Ride please get in touch with us.

T. 07469 928 419             E. hello@toffr.co.uk